A girl like me art exhibition

Nairobi Art Exhibitions February 2019

There are some interesting Art Exhibitions in Nairobi this February. Key among them is ‘aura’ at the One Off Contemporary Art Gallery by Olivia Pendergast.

‘A Spectacular Now’ is open at the Circle Art Gallery featuring works by Kenyan Evans Mbugua and Nigerian Dennis Osadebe.

‘Games Up’ by Yony Waite is at the Polka Dot Art Gallery . ‘Sea and Streets’ launches on Saturday 2nd at the Banana Hill Art Gallery and a ‘A Girl Like Me’ opens at the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi on February 5th.

'aura' at the One Off Contemporary Art Gallery


aura: an emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual.

When I was a kid I thought seeing light around people and animals and trees was normal. I thought everyone could see auras. These halos of light moved and changed in size and density under different circumstances.

Growing up on a farm I could lay on my back and watch the aura flow around trees like water in a stream. They were particularly visible around my teachers because as they would stand against the chalk boards the patterns of light showed up nicely against the dark background.

When I was in my twenties I played a game with a friend who also could see them.  We would take turns standing against a dark wall. First, I would imagine a joyous occasion and without telling him I would change my thinking to a sad or heavy time.

The aura would shift and become more condensed, lying closer to my form. He could see the change in the field of light. Then it was my turn and I could see the same, the light move like water expanding and condensing around his head and shoulders …

… Seeing auras makes it obvious we are all cut from the same cloth. It is like a validation for the unconditional love that I experience when painting. We are all the same.

I recently visited Rome and the Vatican Museums. Most halos, I saw, only existed at the top of the compositional triangle. Only the holiest of the holy and the whitest of the white were deserving of the recognition of this God – like “emanation…that is essential to the individual”. But that isn’t the truth.   Everyone has it whether it is visible or not…It is the same as Love. It is there whether we can see it or not.

A Spectacular Now: Circle Art Gallery

Society Woman by Nigerian Dennis Osadebe showing at the Circle Art Gallery

A masked drinker of smoothies and a yellow-maned dhow captain; blue wall against pink carpet and backdrops of tessellated plaited profiles – Evans Mbugua and Dennis Osadebe’s compositions revel in colour and pattern. Their subjects stand or lounge, dance, glide, and sometimes tumble, in richly hued environments.

Mbugua makes use of motifs lifted from the trivial, and the incidental – lorries and umbrellas, footprints and plaited hairstyles. Osadebe, in turn, uses carefully laid out blocks of colour and shapes assembled lik e cut-outs to create objects.

Games Up by Yony Waite at the Polka Dot

The Wonderfull and accomplished Yony Waite is exhibiting a collection of Drawings and Paintings in her new show GAMES UP! 

Polka Dot

Sea And Streets at Banana Hill Art Gallery

Two artists Showing their talent Dulla Wise from Dar es Saalam And Rogo (Abdu Hajj) from Zanzibar.

Banana Hill Art Gallery

Mukuru Art Club Exhibition 2nd February 2019

This is the first of a series of art exhibitions of Kenyan up and coming artists. We will be showcasing their work about life in Nairobi on a roof top venue in the heart of the community to support their work and give them public exposure.

Come and enjoy the art works and the view over South B with drinks and bitings on a Saturday afternoon. Entrance is free (but we’re happy to take donations).

Mukuru Art Club Exhibtion

A Girl Like Me

A girl like me art exhibition

Anne Gichuku is a self-taught digital artist who with the help of friends and good old youtube continues to grow her art. She won in the ‘Digital Art’ category at the inaugural Sondeka Awards 2018 organized by Creatives Garage.

Anne describes her style as funky and eclectic. She likes bold colours and bold themes and keeps her influences culturally relevant.
She dedicates her first exhibition to girls like her.

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