Ehoodi Kichapi showing at One Off Art Gallery

Nairobi Art Exhibitions March 2019

Remnants of an Experience by Florence Wangui

My art attempts to express the state in which revisiting an experience consciously and or sub-consciously, impacts on my thought and decision-making processes. 

When our minds fail to digest some experiences, there is a tendency to look behind, to go back and brood over and over about the occurrence, perhaps in search of insight. 

What we find or what finds us, perhaps triggers a release or is met with resistance.  There is a desire to conjure up an escape door and abandon all, albeit with no resolution,  or to enter into a turbid, stagnant phase that knows no time.

Yesterday knocked at the door.  Today answered and asked; “why the sudden visit?”.  Yesterday responded; “Let me in, I’ve travelled far enough, I shall let you know tomorrow”.

Something’s got to give, perhaps the release is near, perhaps a saving grace awaits.

Paper Works - An Exhibition Of Works On Paper by Various Kenyan Artists

Sculptures & Mbuno Runs at the Red Hill Art Gallery up to 24th March

Nairobi Art Exhibition at the Red Hill Art Gallery
Sculptures & Mbuno Art Exhibition at the Red Hill Art Gallery - Nairobi Photo/Eric Gitonga Photography

From traditional Makonde Sculptures – chameleon entwined Shetanis by Hossein Anangangola and grotesque creatures by Tanzanian Bernhard Pius & Mathias Nampoka – to the contemporary Giacometti like elongated and fragile female bodies of the late Makonde sculptor Simun Nyedi Dastani and his sons Boniface and Simon: the breast, the jar-head, the neck evolving into a snake, the long and frail legs, the clinching child – stylized elements as old and contemporary as ever.

From Zimbabwe’s first generation Shona sculptors Bernhard Matemera, Henry Munyarazi and Amali Maroba to a contemporary abstract stone sculpture by Tom Phiri, from Zambia

From the Kenyan master in wood sculptures Morris Foit to contemporary Kenyan sculptors Denis Muraguri.

A three dimensional presentation enriched by the archaic wax crayon paper drawings of Kivuthi Mbuno, his bizarre, hauntingly grotesque and almost surrealistic interpretation of nature, man and animal.

Art Exhibition '(un)common'A Contemporary Art showcase at The Attic Art Space

'(un)common', a Contemporary Art Exhibition at The Attic Art Space - Nairobi

Mixed Artists Exhibition at the Banana Hill Art Gallery

Mixed Artists Exhibition This March at Banana Hill Art Gallery Nairobi

Wakariru by Wambui Kamiru Collymore Opens on March 24th 2019

Wakariru - Art Exhibtion by Wambui Kamiru Collymore in Nairobi

Wakariru is an art installation about the destruction of the language for everyday things and the accompanying loss of orally documented knowledge. It looks at memory and the forgotten history of the role of women in the Mau Mau war.

Manjano - Nairobi County Visual Arts Exhibition

Manjano - Nairobi County Visual Arts Exhibition

The Nairobi County Manjano Annual Visual Arts Exhibition features a wide range of practicing artists from Nairobi as well as a students category.

The work includes paintings, mixed media pieces, sculptures and more.

The exhibition features an award for both the professional artist and student categories with prizes for 1st to 3rd winners.

The opening and award ceremony for this year’s exhibition will be on 23rd March 3pm at the Village Market. The art exhibition runs from March 23 – April 22, 2019.

Documentation: Art Exhibition by Ehoodi Kichapi at the One Off Contemporary Art Gallery

Ehoodi Kichapi showing at One Off Art Gallery

‘Documentation’ Art Exhibition opens on Saturday 30 March 2019 at the One Off Contemporary Art Gallery in Nairobi and runs until 21 April 2019.

This features works on canvas by Kenyan artist Ehoodi Kichapi. He is a self taught artist, who has been painting for the last fifteen  years. His artistic life started in 2002, through doing caricatures as an instructor for the Kuruka Maisha art group.  He had his first solo show in 2007 at the Alliance Francaise, in Nairobi, Kenya.


“His work is expressive and graphic: energetic line drawings, circles, marks, scribblings, figures, rudimentary images of animals, portraits, screaming faces and reaching hands create harsh and brutal images. Wild colourful acrylic paint is applied in thick sweeping strokes, creating abstract sections in his work that are just about colour and movement.” (From 2009 East African Art Biennale, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania).

… Ehoodi Kichapi is not a child. Nor does he have the mind of a child. He is an intelligent 36 year old with a great sense of humour, an inquiring mind and a propensity for polemic. But, above all others, there is one characteristic he holds in unusual abundance: he is astonishingly uninhibited, particularly about himself. You will find him declaring at the top of his voice, in public, personal details the rest of us would ardently seek to conceal, even from ourselves. His mind and daylight are in continuity. He’s an artist; more specifically, he’s a Naive artist.

'Time And Other Constructs' by Brush Tu's Michael Musyoka at the Red Hill Art Gallery

Time and other Constructs Michael Musyoka

Michael Musyoka’s Time & Other Constructs opens on Sunday 31st March 2019 from 10.00 am to 5.00pm at the Red Hill Art Gallery. This is Musyoka’s first solo art exhibition and is on view until 12th May 2019.

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