5 Must Visit Nairobi Art Galleries In 2019

These top 5 Nairobi Art Galleries host contemporary African art exhibitions and events. They are the go-to art galleries for the best visual art. This includes paintings, sculptures, photos, drawings, and installations.

They have art shows within their physical spaces, online, and some in international art fairs.

Circle Art Gallery

Circle Art Gallery - Art Auction East Africa
Some lots of the Art Auction East Africa showing at the Circle Art Gallery before the 2018 Art Auction in Nairobi

The circle art gallery holds art shows in their gallery and international art fairs. The Circle Agency has been holding the annual commercial Art Auction East Africa in Nairobi since 2013. The auction run as the Modern and Contemporary East African Art Auction from 2013 – 2017.

In 2018, the Art Auction East Africa featured 53 works of art from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Africa, and Nigeria.

One Off Contemporary Art Gallery

One Off Contemporary Art Gallery represents some of the finest East African artists. There are contemporary art exhibitions every month by African and international artists.

In addition, the gallery exhibits in the luxurious five-star Sankara Hotel in Nairobi. One Off is led by Director and Curator Carol Lees. She brings on board a wealth of art curating and over 20 years of gallery management.

Banana Hill Art Gallery

Banana Hill Art Gallery offers contemporary African art that features paintings and sculptures. They represent over 100 artists from Kenya and other African countries.

The gallery started as the Banana Hill Art Studios in 1994, before becoming a commercial art gallery in 2006. Kenyan artists Shine Tani and his wife Rahab own and manage the gallery. You can find affordable African art here.

Red Hill Art Gallery

Red Hill Art Gallery of contemporary African art has its own large art collection. They collect works of art from various African artists. Some are recent works mostly from East Africa, while others are as old as 30 years old.

 ‘A Good Shepherd’ Linocut, one of the late John Muafangeo’s exceptional artworks is in the gallery’s collection. It is dated 1974. This gallery caters to both established and emerging artists in Africa. Red Hill holds several art shows in a year.

Polka Dot Art Gallery

unique space for people to immerse themselves in the contemporary arts of both local and international artists.

Polka Dot offers art classes, artist talks, and workshops. Renowned reportage artist Mercy Kagia teaches drawing classes.

You can visit any or all of the 5 Must Visit Art Galleries in Nairobi for modern and contemporary African art shows. The galleries show works by top artists based in Kenya and East Africa.

Importantly to note is that there are other art exhibition spaces including the Nairobi National Museum, and art and cultural centers.