African Art at Banana Hill Art Gallery

The Banana Hill Art Gallery is popular for its contemporary African art … it has over ten years in existence.

This African Art Gallery is in Nairobi Kenya … it’s owned and run by Kenyan visual artists Shine Tani together with his wife Rahab Tani.

Well, this art gallery might not be the usual gallery with fancy lights in place and all … but it does have plenty of African works of art.

And … if you happen to meet with the courteous owner/artist Shine Tani … then you’ll be in for a good and memorable art time.

Banana Hill Art Gallery's Journey ...

This started by Shine and wife Rahab taking in struggling artists and trainees and so creating communal artist studios … the Banana Hill Art Studio started in 1994.

It went on as such producing Kenya art – which in essence is contemporary African art.

Shine and Rahab Tani became the legal owners of this art gallery in 2006.

This African Art Gallery has come of age over the years … they invited East African artists in the year 2006 and went on to represent other parts of Africa in the year 2010.

It’s now possible to choose contemporary African artworks from a wide range of African artists … given that there are over 100 African artists of different nationalities represented here … although the majority of them are Kenyan artists.

Monthly African Art Exhibitions

There are monthly art exhibitions at this African Art Gallery showing works of different African artists. 

Although there are monthly art exhibits … the gallery is packed with all manner of African art paintings and sculptures.

This gives you a huge variety of African artworks to see and buy.

The current art exhibition as of this article’s press is “Depth of Colours” by Haji Chilonga, a Tanzanian artist.

Online African Art Gallery

Banana Hill Art Gallery has an online African art gallery for viewing and choosing artworks. This shows works of art, mainly paintings by established and creative emerging African artists.

The gallery accepts various modes of payments and ships artworks all over the world.


The African Art Gallery is located at the outskirts of Nairobi city in Banana Hill town. It’s is in close proximity to the Two Rivers Mall and the Village Market.

Get more about the gallery and contacts here.