Art and Cultural Centers in Nairobi

Art and Cultural Centers make for a great art and culture experience in Nairobi City … together with art galleries, and museums.

Some of the art and cultural centers have been around for decades. They’ve catered to some of the most successful artists as well as nurturing the new generation of emerging artists.

The centers play a huge role in growing the arts in Nairobi City … and the host country Kenya.

Ugandan Artist In Residence Jude Kasagga (L) Talks To Nairobi Arts Guide's Isaac Miriri During The AIRBrush Exhibition Opening At Kuona Trust Arts Centre In Nairobi - Lukwago Paintings In The Pic - Photo By Lukwago Saad

Leading Art Centers

The Nairobi arts benefits largely from the work of these centers and art galleries.

Kuona Trust – Centre for Visual Arts in Kenya has helped the industry greatly … it boasts some of the known successful artists who’ve passed there.

The GoDown Arts Centre is another major player in Nairobi. It houses artists and various art organizations … contributing greatly to the arts. The GoDown Arts Centre is currently embarking on a physical transformation making it into a state-of-the-art arts centre and one of its kind in East and Central Africa. 

The Nairobi Art Center is another of the centers contributing to the arts.

The past few years have seen an increase in the number of centers and galleries in Nairobi. This is great for the artists and art lovers.

Brush Tu Art Studio is one center that is changing how art is done … it houses a collective of artists producing artworks from Nairobi’s Buru Buru Estate.

The Dust Depo Artist Studios (formerly the Kenya Railways Museum Art Gallery) at the Nairobi Railways Museum is artist Patrick Mukabi’s brainchild … and hosts several artists.

There currently are numerous choices in art spaces, galleries, events and festivals – fairs and exhibitions taking place in Nairobi. These are proof of the tremendous industry growth.

It’s now easy to find modern and contemporary art through the centers and galleries. Circle Art Agency is in a class of its own. It has introduced art auctions in Nairobi and the East African region. 

Cultural Centers

Art and Cultural Centers in Nairobi
A lady admiring paintings – “Nairobi Catwalkers” – mixed media on canvas by MaryAnn Muthoni and “Feeling the Butterflies” - oil on canvas by Peter Elungat exhibiting at Alliance Française in Nairobi - Photo/Isaac Miriri

Culture is mainly showcased through the cultural centers and institutes within the city.

Bomas of Kenya displays Kenya culture in a unique way. Here you interact with the tribal African culture that has existed for years.

Alliance Française de Nairobi has many events taking place throughout the year … It caters for numerous types of arts and culture.

There are always art or photo exhibitions on display here … and performing theater – music concerts – film festivals or screenings going on. 

Goethe-Institut Nairobi is another big influence on the major arts. It works with various artists in promoting and facilitating capacity building for them in as far as going to Germany … it has events and festivals taking place throughout the year.

The Art Centers and galleries are catering for art and photo exhibitions.

They’ve expanded the capacity for festivals and events – workshops and training … and also literary events – art fairs and film festivals in Nairobi.