Arts and Culture at the Alliance Française in Nairobi

Alliance Francaise showcases the visual arts … performance arts – culture and more in Nairobi. It’s the go-to place for the best training in the French Language in Nairobi City.

The stage theater here helps and launches hundreds of performing arts careers within Kenya … and beyond.

This is one cultural center that you should visit if you like the arts and culture.

Art Exhibitions

One of the core art events here are the numerous art, sculpture, and photo exhibitions taking place throughout the year.

Many Kenyan artists have shown artworks here at one time or the other. There have been several international artists and photographers as well.

Film Festivals

There are film festivals taking place here … and there are weekly film screenings as well.

Of the notable is the annual European Film Festival.

Music Concerts And Theatre

There are special African music concerts taking place every now and then … these feature Kenyan and African musicians or bands from around the continent.

Some of the famous musicians to perform here are Aly Keita, Kenya’s Suzanna Owiyo, Eric Wainaina, Sauti Sol … among others.

This is also the place that always hosts theatre with shows all year round.

It has been for the longest time the place for quality theatre shows. For many theater lovers … this has been the place – and for many Kenyan thespians, Alliance Francaise has played a role in their work lives.

The center has been crucial in growing performing arts talent … and providing a much needed stage to the national and international stage.

Alliance Française in Nairobi
Suzanna Owiyo plays Nyatiti - an African Musical Instrument of the Luo Community in Kenya as she sings at the Alliance Française in Nairobi - Photo/Isaac Miriri

Spotlight on Kenyan Music

Spotlight on Kenyan Music have seen many musicians come through the program and go on to flourish in their music careers.

Some notable names include Juma Tutu, Mutinda, Teto Tutuma, Makadem, Michel Ongaro … and many more.

French Language at its Best

The Alliance Francaise in Nairobi is the premier French Language teaching institution with branches across the country. 

My Story With The Alliance Francaise in Nairobi

I’m a beneficiary of the creative generosity of the Alliance Francaise de Nairobi as a photographer. 

I was involved in organizing the Kenya Month of Photography … this consisted of monthly photo critique sessions that culminated in a month long photo exhibition in the month of June each year.

Also within the same month were a series of photography workshops.

We brought together bodies of work and critiqued them during the monthly photo meetings … we learned from each other as well as share photography opportunities.

My story and experience with the center begins with my love of the arts.

I attended one art event with Danson – a colleague photographer in the year 2007.

In the course of the exhibition I noticed a guy who was taking pictures and I said hi … we kicked off from that.

I later came to learn he was the then Deputy Director of the center … he’s Christian Randrianampifazy.

From that came a series of brainstorming meetings that brought together the local participation in putting together the Kenya Month of Photography …

And eventually a long-term working relationship with the cultural center and the arts fraternity in Nairobi.

These Month of Photography activities lasted several years.

I’m just one of the many who’ve benefited from the French touch in Nairobi.

What’s your story … or yours happened when it was called the French Cultural Center? Please do share or show us your story here.

The Alliance Francaise de Nairobi has existed for more than 60 years. 

It is located within Nairobi’s central business district at the Loita / Monrovia Streets … and it’s easily accessible.

There is a restaurant that serves coffee, lunch, and drinks.