The African Gift From Nairobi

The African gift can be termed as anything that you buy for yourself or to give as a present originating from Africa. Nairobi city has several precious things that pass as African gifts.

Handmade jewelry – arts and craft items, bronzes, contemporary African artworks … and much more.

Nairobi has lots of African gifts … some of these gift items are offered by high-end luxury handmade African gift brands with shops in Nairobi and abroad.

Also available is worldwide shipping services of gift items … so, whether you’re in Nairobi physically or not, you can still shop for African gift items and have them delivered where you want.

Arts and Craft Galleries - Shops

There are Art and Crafts shops specializing in gift items and souvenirs in the line of wildlife art, African bronzes and more …

Some use Cultural Art and Wildlife Art in their arts and craft. Same goes for bronzes in Nairobi and collectables from Kenya, and the East African region.

Tazama Gallery

Tazama Gallery – for art and crafts located in several prime locations in Nairobi among them the Two Rivers Mall.

This gallery deals mainly with art from Africa and even Europe … but are distinctly African themed.

The Banana Box

The Banana Box Company sells art and craft items – some with African cultural heritage.

Some African baskets are hand woven from sisal fibre … Kikapu, basket in Swahili is a particular type of African basket and is popular as a shopping basket.

MatBronze Wildlife Art Gallery and Foundry

MatBronze Wildlife Art gallery and foundry is in Nairobi’s Karen area … it is home to excellent wildlife art specializing in African animal bronzes …

MatBronze’s other products include jewelry, buckles, photo frames and others.

Wildlife art and African bronzes, curios, artifacts, and crafts are available in African gift shops within Nairobi’s city centre and in hotels gift shops.

The Patrick Mavros Brand

The Patrick Mavros brand – The African Luxury Brand is one of the gift shops in Nairobi. They specialize in handmade gift items made in sterling silver, 18CT gold … their shops are located in Nairobi, Kenya – London – Mauritius and Zimbabwe. They ship and deliver worldwide.

Patrick Mavros is a luxury African brand with lots of handmade jewelry collections … these range from earrings, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks, bangles, ashtrays, sculptures, and more.

Kazuri Beads

Kazuri Beads is handmade and hand painted patterned ceramic jewelry made in Kenya. These consist of unique and beautiful bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

The Kazuri beads jewellery is made in Nairobi – Kenya by local women in a Fair trade deal. They’re available in Nairobi, in the UK and online.

Adele Dejak

Adele Dejak is an African brand creating handmade fashion accessories for the modern, sophisticated and multidimensional woman.

It’s inspired by African shapes, textures and traditional techniques, the cutting edge pieces fit perfectly between artefact and high fashion statement designs – says Adele.

Adele Dejak collections are produced in Kiambu at the outskirts of Nairobi city. They’ve shops in Nairobi, Johannesburg – South Africa, in select hotels in Kenya and elsewhere … and also in several places online.

Sally Dudmesh Collections

Sally Dudmesh is another brand of jewelry accessories based in Nairobi … Dudmesh’s jewellery is inspired by the traditional cultures that she have interacted with in her world travels.

Hers are cultural collections including her stunning handmade belts of leather with materials collected all over the world.

Antique – tribal and contemporary designs of bracelets using silver, gold, and gemstones.

Cufflinks uses silver, fossils and gemstones … antique and modern earrings inspired from tribal and contemporary designs … with necklaces and rings, inspired from around the world and ancient and contemporary designs.

All her handmade jewelry is meshed in cultural traditions … with some as old as the world … and collected from around the world.


Kikoys are ideal gifts from Africa … these can be bought in Nairobi or online. The Kikoy Company have lots of Kikoys for her, him, children, home, and everyone.

These come in versatile styles and are available for use indoors as well as outdoors.

African Gift Items in Nairobi's Flea Market

The flea market is one place to shop for African gifts in the city. There’s the City Market for instance and craft centers.

We also have what’s commonly known as the Maasai market … this is an open air market taking place in malls and open areas of Nairobi’s central business district.

These markets are full of souvenirs and artifacts on sale ranging from a wide range of gift items that include curios, wood and soapstone carvings, Kikoys and Kangas … art pieces and crafts … and much more.

Most of the items on sale make for a good African gift.