About The Nairobi Arts Guide

The Nairobi Arts Guide is your ultimate guide into the Arts and Culture in Nairobi City. There is so much happening in this area in the capital and Kenya as a whole. We are working to make sure that you’ve relevant and current information about what’s on … the who, where, when and more.

About the Founders and Publishers

The Nairobi Arts Guide is founded and published by Lucy Kariuki and Isaac Miriri.  When we met … we didn’t automatically know that we would end up working together on interesting projects like the Nairobi Arts Guide – but our relationship and love for the arts has made this possible.

Isaac Miriri

Hi there, I’m Isaac Miriri! The arts and culture in Nairobi fascinates me a lot … I’ve come to think that maybe it’s because of the delightful – visual, performing, literary — or the collective arts found in Nairobi.

It’s fun interacting with the Nairobi arts and culture. The arts in the city represent Africa and a mixture of global influences. My love for the arts and culture and their respective spaces has been around for over 10 years.

I’ve played different roles within the Nairobi arts. I’ve written about the arts in Nairobi for online publications and The People Daily National Newspaper.

Who’s Miriri? He is a copywriter, photographer, and blogger. He enjoys learning about the arts and culture in Nairobi and Kenya. And writing and documenting the same.  He’s also into making websites/blogs just like this one – the Nairobi Arts Guide.

Lucy Kariuki

Hi, I’m Lucy Kariuki also known as Wanjiru Mwaniki. I’m a creative writer … poet – public speaker … career coach, and a high school mathematics and chemistry teacher.

I feel strongly about the girl child and women issues in general. I am a member of the Writers Guild of Kenya.

Wanjiru is versatile and multi-talented. She is involved in counseling young girls and women who have gone through stress, and sometimes spells of depression.

She’s also engaged in career guidance and mentoring high school girls and some in the universities.

Services offered:

  • Creative writing and article writing/blog posts
  • Public speaking services
  • Career Guidance — Mentoring and Counseling — Teaching

Collaboration and Partnership

Please get in touch with us if you would like to collaborate or partner with us in any way. Or you’ve some ideas about how we can improve the Nairobi Arts Guide or make it better.

We appreciate feedback of all sorts too. 

Are you an artist, or involved in running one discipline of the arts and culture? We would like to share your story, event, success, or advice that you may have about the Nairobi arts and culture.

Feel free to contact us using the contact us form or call us.